Here’s All The Free Stuff The Team USA Olympians Get, And It’s A LOT OF STUFF

Posted on Jul 28, 2021

I want it all.

First, they got a goody bag of stuff from Skims (Kim Kardashian’s comfy clothing line). There’s a furry cardigan.

And a variety of underclothes and a robe.

They also got these Nike slides.

These Nike sneakers.

And these OTHER Nike sneakers. That’s three shoes so far.

They got four pairs of sunglasses from Oakley.

Okay now here’s a nice bag with a lot of pockets.

Inside the bag they got all these socks. I love socks.

And there was also a watch. Perfect for telling time.

Then, there was the first duffel, filled with Nike/US stuff.

Sweatsuits, T-shirts, spandex…

…shirts, sports bras…

…more sweatsuits, hats, zip-ups…

…and more workout clothes and tank tops. JUST SO MUCH STUFF.

There was another duffel of Ralph Lauren stuff. Including tie-dye stuff, shirts, more sweatshirts…

Polo stuff (obvi), sweatpants…

…more T-shirts, sunglasses…

…more shirts…

…another hat, a fanny pack, and more clothes…

…and then my fave item: a tie-dye bucket hat.

There was also a tote and a towel.

Oh and more tank tops.

Then, there was this special garment bag.

Inside is the outfit you get to wear if you win a medal. The PODIUM LOOK.

The podium look includes more sneakers. That’s four shoes so far.

They also got goodies from Samsung, including earbuds, a case, and a phone.

Yes, a brand-new phone.

There was another garment bag and inside was this baby: the outfit for the closing ceremony.

And included with that was another pair of shoes. Five shoes total!!

And then finally, they were given the opening ceremony outfit, which consists of this blazer, jeans, shirt, and belt. And probably another pair of shoes.

I literally have no idea what they’ll do with all this USA gear except for wear it all at once on July 4. But still, I want all the free clothes too. Obviously, I win gold for being the best at sitting on my couch. AT LEAST PLEASE SEND ME THE TIE-DYE BUCKET HAT????? Bye.

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