Simone Biles Liked Tweets That Revealed Just How Dangerous Her Vault Was And How She Could’ve “Literally Died” If She Hadn’t Withdrawn From The Olympic Final

“One former US elite gymnast I talked to said that if it was someone other than Simone Biles who had made that same error, they would have certainly blown a knee, at minimum,” Hong tweeted. “Another said if it had happened to her instead of Simone, ‘I probably would have ended up paralyzed.'”

“Most non-gymnastics fans do not understand the seriousness of what happened because she landed on her feet,” Hong continued. “Every elite gymnast I’ve talked to has said that Simone Biles’s vault was TERRIFYING and it’s a miracle she put that vault to her feet & avoided seriously injuring herself.”

Biles herself liked multiple tweets about experiencing the twisties, including this explanation that revealed how dangerous the vault could’ve been.

Another tweet she liked from someone who’d also experienced the same thing read: “As someone who did a vault while having the twisties, resulting in temporary paralysis, a 3 week hospital stay, months of physical therapy, and a toll to my mental health, I couldn’t be more proud of @Simone_Biles decision, even on the world’s biggest stage.”

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