An Olympian Named Karen Looks Exactly Like Liam Hemsworth, Which Is An Important Olympic Discovery

Same person.

Jkkkkkk you got me 😜😜😜😜. That’s not Lady Gaga and that’s not Liam Hemsworth. BUT IT’S A GUY WHO REALLY LOOKS LIKE LIAM HEMSWORTH.

Didnβ€˜t know @LiamHemsworth is not only a good actor. Heβ€˜s playing olympic final right now! Go @LiamHemsworth ! #Olympics #ZVEREV #Olympics2021 @AlexZverev

08:39 AM – 01 Aug 2021

Twitter: @partysahne04

Like, I truly believed for one second that Liam Hemsworth was secretly Russian and secretly an Olympian.

Tremendous effort by @LiamHemsworth to claim πŸ₯ˆ at the @Olympics, considering I don’t think he’s a professional tennis player. Does anyone know why he’s representing #ROC and not #AUS though? #Olympics #Tokyo2020

09:47 AM – 01 Aug 2021

Twitter: @gabetan13

I mean come on people, he looks just like him. Like, this is not Liam:

And this is the real Liam:

This is “Karen Khachanov” who is apparently not Liam, and actually an Olympian who plays tennis.

And once again, this is the Liam Hemsworth of movies:

This is not-Liam playing tennis:

Abbie Parr / Getty Images

And this is Liam-Liam on a bench:

Don Arnold / WireImage


Xinhua News Agency / Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images


Desiree Navarro / WireImage / Getty Images

Not-Liam with flowers and a silver medal:

Xinhua News Agency / Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

Actual Liam sitting:

In conclusion: Liam Hemsworth isn’t a Russian Olympian but that would have been funny if he was.

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