Shaq’s Greatest Acting Performances In Commercials, Ranked

NOTE: There are a lot of Shaq commercials. A lot. I narrowed them down based on YouTube access, and after weeks of research, watching endless Shaq commercial videos… I picked the top 20.

Food rations are low. Morale has hit rock bottom. I close my eyes and see Shaq promoting something. I wake up from nightmares of Shaq bursting out of my closet door with red eyes, screaming, “Did you try this new flavor topping?” Earlier this week, I even called my own cat “Shaq” by accident…and then she proceeded to yell, “Can you dig it?!” which led to Shaq, once again, bursting through my closet door and me waking up from the same nightmare.

It is all an endless cycle, and please just know, I tried my best with this list.

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