The best of Tom Brady’s commercials, ranked

Tom Brady was never thought to have a big personality during his days with the Patriots. However, it appears that his robotic persona was merely a facade put up during his time in New England.

Since arriving in Tampa Bay, Brady has let his wit and humor out a bit more. He has been active on social media, especially since joining Twitter before the 2019 NFL season, and has appeared in plenty of commercials during his time with the Buccaneers.

Of course, Brady was still a TV staple during his time with the Patriots. He didn’t appear in quite as many ads as he does now, but there are still a few memorable ones (though, to be fair, the present-day ones are just a bit better).

Here’s a look at 10 of the most memorable commercials that Brady has been a part of during his career.

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10. “Deflategate” — Foot Locker

Brady agreed to be in this Foot Locker ad in the aftermath of Deflategate. It wasn’t exactly well-received considering his villain status across the NFL.

“I don’t exactly know what was going through my mind when I made the decision,” Brady said of the commercial, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “I had a lot of free time on my hands at the beginning of the year. So I had to find ways to fill it.”

Choosing to do this probably wasn’t the best idea, but it was still funny enough to Patriots fans. To other NFL fan bases though, it may have come off as a bit whiny.

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9. “Have an MVP Day” — Daily MVP

There’s nothing great about this save for the fact that Brady is dressed like a combination of Dwight Schrute and Joe Exotic. Enjoy the outfit, but that’s the only special thing about this ad. Perhaps that’s why the company that made it has long since shut down.

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8. “Tom Brady’s morning routine” — Intel 360 replay

Yes, Intel 360 replay can make Brady’s normal morning routine look epic, even though it’s mundane. It’s a bit similar to Brady’s playing style as a quarterback — he’s not the flashiest player; he just makes all the necessary throws needed to win — so perhaps there’s some irony there.

This commercial is solid all-around, but it’s not quite as funny as some of the other comedic ones that top this list.

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7. “5 rings” — Shields MRI

This was shown locally in the New England area, but it’s one of the better thought-out commercials that Brady was in.

Originally shot when Brady had four rings, they shot an alternate ending with him putting five rings in the locker at the MRI facility. The original version with four rings was shown until the Patriots beat the Falcons in Super Bowl 51. After that, they had the five rings version ready to go immediately. That’s great planning on the part of Shields and Brady.

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6. “Retirement” — Hulu

This was released during Super Bowl 54. Brady was just about to be a free agent for the first time, so he decided to mess with Patriots fans.

Brady posted a still image in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. It sent New England into a frenzy.

Was Brady retiring? Did this mean he was walking out of a stadium and to another team? Or was he walking into a stadium to return to the Patriots? Fans and media personalities alike spent quite a lot of time breaking it down, but it turned out to be a shameless plug for this Hulu ad, which jokingly hinted at retirement.

The commercial itself was a classic, straightforward one from Hulu, but Brady deserves some props for how he handled the lead-up.

5. “Bready” — Subway

Look, I get it. There’s a lot in this that doesn’t make sense. Brady doesn’t eat much bread because of his restrictive TB12 diet, so why did Subway choose him to be in this? Moreover, why is Subway paying him to be in an ad for a product that he won’t eat? At that level, this commercial is nonsensical.

However, the idea that Brady would wear bread-smelling cologne because he can’t eat it is somewhat comical, as is the mock cologne ad itself. And as Brady acknowledges, he still has to recognize greatness when he sees it.

This isn’t as good as the other Subway ads Brady is in, but it’s better than most realize.

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4. “Do Nothing” – Uggs

Brady has long been an Uggs spokesperson, so natural, he was a big part of their ad campaigns. This one stands out, as it includes Julian Edelman and Jeff Bridges.

In this ad campaign, Brady is comfortable doing nothing while Edelman is desperate for him to do something because he’s bored. This leads Edelman to try various things to grab Brady’s attention, including making a smoothie and popping bubble wrap.

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Meanwhile, Jeff Bridges comes over and sings a classic American folk song — “Buffalo Gals” — as Brady sleeps on the couch. He sings softly before playing louder and freaking Brady out.

Brady does well to largely deadpan in this ad series, which can’t be easy around the likes of Edelman. Of all of Brady’s Uggs ads, these short one-offs were the best.

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3. “Not enough time” — Subway

Brady is a central character in this ad campaign. There are several commercials within it, and he often appears as Steph Curry’s rival. He steals lines from Curry in one while Curry complains about Brady not getting cut off as often as he does.

Of course, Brady actually does. On a couple of occasions in the quick-hit ads, Brady tries to get a word in, is ignored and says, “But I’m Tom Brady!” when cut off.

Brady’s chemistry with Curry and the length of the short ads really makes this work.

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2. “I’m in” — FTX (Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen)

Who would have thought a cryptocurrency ad would be this entertaining? FTX hit the nail on the head with this one. It starts with Bundchen convincing Brady to get into the cryptocurrency market, and Brady deciding to tell all of his friends and acquaintances about it.

Of course, this was made recently, so most of Brady’s friends are portrayed as New Englanders. He gets a variety of responses from them and is listed as “the worst person ever” in someone’s phone.

Brady’s New England friends also try to insist that they won’t take him back, but they immediately admit they’re lying.

This ad is hilarious at its core and the reactions capture well the emotions that Patriots fans went through after Brady’s departures. Throw in a couple of exaggerated Boston accents and a reference to Dogecoin, and this is one of the best of the bunch for Brady. 

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1. “Big game ad” — T-Mobile (Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski)

This is easily the best commercial that Brady has ever made. It’s probably one of the best recent ads featuring an NFL player.

Originally, it was scheduled to air during the Super Bowl, but given the NFL’s exclusive rights agreement with Verizon, T-Mobile released it online and on other networks. It was a hit right away.

The ad outlines the alternate history of how Brady landed in Tampa Bay. He called Gronkowski, but Brady’s “spotty network” led him to misunderstand Gronkowski’s advice. Gronk wanted Brady to retire and join him in Florida. Instead, Brady thinks Gronk wanted him to sign with the Buccaneers and recruits him to sign there as well.

Obviously, that’s not actually what happened, but it’s fun to imagine that it did. And Gronkowski saying, “I’m retired from retirement?” and “Mom, where are my football pants?” to end the minute-long spot is just icing on the cake. Well done, T-Mobile.

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