EA Sports announces Russia is no longer in the game(s)

More fallout in sports from Russia’s war on Ukraine — this time in video games.

The sports world has been vocal against Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. Across the globe, from F1 to tennis tours and the World Cup qualifying matches, events have been pulled from Russia.

Teams and players have been exiled as well. And players have spoken up against the war, including noted Putin advocates Alexander Ovechkin.

On Wednesday, the sports video game world joined the growing voice in opposition against the war.

EA Sports made two significant announcements about their video game franchises.

Russia and Belarus will no longer be available in EA Sports’ hockey games.

And the company also announced they were pulling Russian teams from their soccer games as well.

These moves aren’t going to end the war. In fact, their not even going to register on the radars of those fighting to protect their homes in Ukraine.

But it does show the continued, universal commitment to stand behind those whose country is under fire.

The sports community is united against this war.

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