ESNY says farewell to the New York Post’s Ken Davidoff

New York sportswriting legend Ken Davidoff is retiring after 25 years on the job.

It’s impossible to be a New York sports fan and not know about Ken Davidoff.

He had the national baseball beat for the New York Post for ten years, just a slice of a 25-year career that also featured over a decade at Newsday. Whether he was covering the New York Mets, New York Yankees, or another team altogether, Ken Davidoff always had something insightful to say.

Sadly, those days are at an end. Today marks Davidoff’s last day at the Post, riding off into the sunset after a long career. Now, we’re stuck with Joel Sherman. Some would rather be stuck on the F train at Fort Hamilton Parkway in a thunderstorm (No offense, Joel).

As for me, I was only vaguely aware of Ken Davidoff. I gravitated more towards the Post’s rival New York Daily News and was only vaguely aware of him. But as I forged my path in my sportswriting career, his name came up more often than not. Whatever was happening in the game, he was on it.

This is why today, Ken Davidoff retiring is somewhat bittersweet. The last major story he covered was the very labor dispute that saw MLB cancel the first two series of the season on Tuesday. Ken Davidoff loves baseball, and it’s almost unfair that he’s leaving the pressbox when the game’s future looks cloudy.

But Ken would want the rest of us to press on, covering the lockout and ensuring nothing but the truth is reported. It’s all about baseball, and so we will carry on the good fight.

Happy retirement, Ken!

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