Big E stretchered out of ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ after landing on head in botched suplex

WWE Superstar Big E was involved in a scary accident during Friday’s episode of “Friday Night Smackdown” — one that required medical personnel to stretcher him out of the arena.

The New Day — Big E and Kofi Kingston — were taking on Sheamus and Ridge Holland when Holland and Big E ended up outside the ring; Holland attempted a belly-to-belly suplex on Big E but was unable to get a full rotation, causing Big E to land on his head.

Warning: Graphic content below.

Cameras briefly lingered on Big E before cutting away. Video taken from the Legacy Arena BJCC in Birmingham, Ala. (location of Friday’s “Smackdown” show) showed Big E being stretchered out. He appeared to give a thumbs up on his way out.

The match ended shortly after Big E’s injury, with Holland and Sheamus winning via pinfall on Kingston.

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